Health & Safety

Policy Statement

ELLIOTT BRICKWORK LIMITED is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all its employees, subcontractors and as they may be affected, members of the general public. To this end the Company will endeavour at all times, as far as is reasonably practicable, to provide a safe working environment, a safe system of work, suitable plant and equipment, and competent staff.

Health and Safety hard hatTo facilitate the above the Company encourages all personnel to act as part of “The Team” and play their own part in ensuring the safety of fellow workers as well as their own. The Company will ensure all operatives are suitably trained for the works that are undertaken. The Company will communicate to all workers relevant Health & Safety issues to which they will be exposed to in their working environment. This will be done via the issuing of relevant method statements and risk assessments pertinent to their sphere of operations. In addition regular “tool box” talks and site inductions will be undertaken.

All works carried out will be in accordance with the relevant legislation and the Company will provide all necessary resources to ensure its operatives are fully trained to do their work in a safe and competent manner.

Mr Stuart Elliott is the Director with the overall responsibility for the effective operation of this Policy. To facilitate competent and practical implementation of this, the Company has engaged the services of an external safety consultant – Pimpernel Construction Safety Services, who will work in close order with Mr Stuart Elliott on all pertinent matters.

This Policy will be subjected to regular reviews and updated as necessary in the light of new legislation and/or “best practice”. Such updates will be immediately issued to all operatives.

If any perceived conflict of interest between commercial considerations and Health & Safety issues arise (including receiving instruction from third parties) they should be immediately, in the first instance, be referred to Mr Stuart Elliott for determination.

Stuart Elliott: Managing Director